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A Complete Solar System for Your Home

Turn your electricity bill into a savings account.

For anyone who’s ever been sick of paying endless power bills every month – we’re here for you.

Installing solar panels generates your own power, which is pretty cool. But it also gives you back your personal power, your money, those hundreds of dollars you were going to pay to the power company every month and get nothing in return.

In a world of complicated financial decisions, we’re simple.
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Our Mission

Creating safe and sustainable energy that makes a positive contribution to our community and environment. We aim to provide businesses and homes with environment-friendly and cost-effective energy solutions with a great turnaround time. Our experienced staff members make solar panel installation affordable and rewarding by reducing energy bills and helping our planet. We believe in the future of renewable energy, and we are committed to transforming our vision and values into reality.

Your Home | Your Solar | Your Energy

At Marshall Energy Solutions, we’re passionate about helping you find the right system to power your home. Every solar installation that we do is custom-tailored to the house, but we offer you options so that you can go solar no matter what your specific needs are.

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