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Small Business

100% energy efficient

Tier 1 Solar Module 15KW +15KW Power Inverter 30,000w Tier 1 Panels High Efficiency Solar Module

50 kW


Suitable for Massive Business

Tier 1 Solar Module 30KW +20KW Power Inverter 50,000w Tier 1 Panels High Efficiency Solar Module

100 kW

Hug Commercial

High-Performance Commercial Solar Systems

Tier 1 Solar Module 50KW +50KW Power Inverter 100,000w Tier 1 Panels High Efficiency Solar Module

Get a lifetime settlement for your business with commercial solar power.

Looking for electricity facilities that minimise your commercial business’s monthly electricity bills permanently, then commercial solar is best suited for you. One of the major complaints that every business owner has is the ever-increasing electricity bills. With solar energy, you can get complete freedom from energy bills as the sun is absolutely free.

Whether you are looking to minimise carbon emissions or greatly reduce power bills, commercial solar power gives you a viable option. We at Marshall Energy Solutions have been installing commercial solar power systems successfully. We have dealt with several types of commercial buildings and have received positive feedback from our beloved customers. If you have decided to fill your commercial building roof space with commercial solar power, then you will need professional solar service assistance. We have highly trained and widely experienced commercial solar installers that are responsible for turning your useless roof into the most valuable one.

What size solar system is ideal for my commercial business needs?

The size of the commercial solar power system you choose is solely dependent on your commercial business electricity needs. You’ll find the different types of solar sizes below.

  • Solar systems range from 30 kw to 100 kW : Solar systems that are in the range between 30 and 100 kw will be considered mid-sized solar systems. These types of solar systems are often seen in small to medium-sized offices, retail shops, and other commercial businesses. Unlike solar panels that are under 30 kW, these types need a skilled installer to place them on the roof without any issues.
  • Solar capacity Over 100 kW : These types of solar sizes are typically added to larger office buildings, hotels, restaurants, or factories.
  • Solar capacity greater than 250 kW : Typically, large shopping malls or large commercial buildings will have a solar capacity greater than 250 kw.

Based on your commercial building’s electricity needs, you can choose the solar system size. If you are facing trouble in finding out the most suitable commercial solar power system size for your building, then you should speak with us. Our solar installation specialists would love to help you understand the ideal solar size for your building.

Why should you choose us over others?

  • We only install highly rated commercial solar power systems.
  • Even though we provide low-cost solar services, we never compromise on quality.
  • All our recommended commercial solar panels highly efficient, which means you generate more power for a longer time.
  • Great customer support

Marshall commercial solar power Melbourne

Marshall Energy Solutions is one of the reputable and trustworthy solar companies in Melbourne. We have been the best commercial solar installers in Melbourne since we established our services. If you are curious about the time period for getting ROI, then you should consult us. Feel free to contact us for more information or request a call back by filling out the contact us form.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Efficiency – A good efficient solar panel will generate more power from the same roof than a standard panel, you generate more energy from the same space.
  • Quality – These panels undergo rigorous testing at different temperatures, before they are delivered to the end customer.
  • Low degradation – Solar panels performance degrade over the period of time, degradation rate of a quality panel is low

A good quality solar panels might cost little more but they generate more energy, last longer and are backed by solid warranties.

You get what you paid for, not all systems perform the same. A cheap system will cost you less but you will end up spending more in the long run. You settle with average output and less savings over the time.

Electricity prices continue to rise, it is expected to increase by 30% by next year.
However, the cost of solar has never been more affordable, thanks to our federal government subsidies and state government rebates.

Any surplus electricity your solar system generates is fed back into the grid. Basically, your electricity retailer pays you for the electricity you don’t consume from the system.

It is the time taken by the system’s savings to cover the systems installation cost.