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Do you want to use free electricity from the sun to power your home?
You may want to install solar simpler and cheaper than you think!

We are a company that has an extensive network of high quality and experienced solar installers, so read on if you are interested in household solar electricity systems.

About Us

Marshall Energy Solutions is a proudly Australian-owned business. Our vision is reflection of our values, providing clients with the best, clean, and affordable solar power at an affordable price.
As a solar energy retailer, we understand the impact that every installation can make by switching to renewable energy for a greener planet and saving high bills.

Why Choose Us?

Our highly skilled technical team ensures that your PV system is built to the highest industrial standards. We merged state-of-the-art technology, making this process easier and more transparent from beginning to end.
Marshall Energy Solutions is focused on our customer's long-term experience. We offer world-class service during and post solar installation.

Escape from monthly electricity bills with residential solar power.

Here comes the modern version of electricity, widely known as solar electricity or solar energy, that is going to overtake the job of traditional electricity. Solar energy is a perfect replacement for grid electricity. In fact, residential solar power is the only hope to eradicate the monthly energy bill concept completely from human life.

We at Marshall Energy Solutions offer residential solar power at a reasonable cost. If you feel it is sensible to invest in solar systems to escape from monthly energy bills, then you should consult us. We explain everything about residential solar power and the easiest and simplest way to install solar panels on your roof. We have been in the solar industry for so long and we are proven enough to take up your project. You don't have to worry about the service as we have the best solar installation team in Melbourne. If you want to know more about our service, keep scrolling down.

What is the importance of solar energy?

Electricity has many uses in our daily lives. It is very essential and has become a part of our lives. Unfortunately, today's scenario is not conducive for house owners to use traditional electricity. Homeowners have found a lot of drawbacks to the use of orthodox power. Continuing with grid electricity is not favourable to homeowners. Then what are the solutions for residential electricity needs? Yes, solar energy. Just like the earth, water, fire, air, and space, solar energy is also constant and free but new to mankind. There are big changes that are going to happen in human life. Solar energy is a game-changer and rapidly entering every field. Be it the hospital industry, mechanical industry, or electrical industry, everyone relies on solar energy.

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    • Ideal for a small family
    • Est Savings $800/yr
    • 3kW Wifi Inverter
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  • 5


    • Ideal for a family of 4
    • Est Savings $1000/yr
    • 5kW Wifi Inverter
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    • Ideal for family of 6
    • Est Savings $1400/yr
    • 5kW Wifi Inverter
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    • Ideal for a family of 8
    • Est Savings $3000/yr
    • 8kW Wifi Inverter
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Some astounding facts about the use of solar in household needs in Australia

Australia has become a global leader in terms of using solar energy. As per the latest estimates, almost 30 million home roofs in Australia are now installed with residential solar solutions, which is equivalent to one in every four households being dependent on solar energy. This data and count is promising for the growth of solar in Australia. More Australians are looking into residential solar power because of its advantages. If you want to know what type of benefits one household gets with solar energy, check out the information below.

What are the advantages of residential solar power?

It's a known fact that a homeowner can enjoy several benefits from solar energy. Here we are compiling some of the important benefits that come with solar energy. In the following, we are going step by step in order to explain the advantages.

  • Save money: Saving money is the first thing that strikes anyone's mind when they hear about solar energy. "The solar system is a tree that supplies unlimited fruits in the form of electricity." You can clearly see the difference between electricity from the grid and electricity from solar.
  • Enhance your home's value: It's not a big secret that the solar-customised home has great value in the real estate market. This is because of their advantages. The number of people who love to stay in solar-installed homes has increased in the last couple of years. "By installing solar panels on your home roof, you can turn your useless roof into the most valuable one." If you intend to sell your home in the near future, then putting money into residential solar power would be considered the most profitable investment.
  • Complete freedom from grids: if you are a self-independent person, then this is for you. With residential solar power, you don't have to rely on a centralised grid to get electricity for your home's needs. Residential Solar panels have the capability to supply electricity that meets all household energy needs. Feeling that you are generating your own electricity will give you the utmost satisfaction and pleasure.

Why should you choose us over others?

  • Marshall Solar Energy is one of the most reputable and trustworthy residential solar power service providers across the country.
  • We are reliable, genuine and hold ourselves accountable for what we do and what we spell.
  • We only install tier 1 and top rated solar panles that last longer
  • Prior to the beginning of the installation process, we provide you with a free quote that helps you understand the overall budget.

Marshall residential solar Melbourne

Marshall Energy Solutions is one of the leading residential solar power installation companies across Australia. We can turn your investment in solar into a life settlement. Get in touch with us today to change your home's roof's shape and future as well.