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About Our Company

Marshall Energy Solutions is a proudly Australian-owned business. Our vision is reflection of our values, providing clients with the best, clean, and affordable solar power at an affordable price. As a solar energy retailer, we understand the impact that every installation can make by switching to renewable energy for a greener planet and saving high bills. Our highly skilled technical team ensures that your PV system is built to the highest industrial standards. We merged state-of-the-art technology, making this process easier and more transparent from beginning to end.

We want to help you take your first steps on your journey towards Clean Energy. If you're thinking to be a part of a sustainable green environment, we at Marshall Energy Solutions will be happy to assist you by providing outstanding service. The sooner you make a choice the sooner you make a difference.

Marshall Energy Solutions is focused on our customer's long-term experience. We offer world-class service during and post solar installation. As a solar energy retailer. Our main focus is on 

  • Providing turnkey solar PV solutions
  • Installing only high-efficient Tier-One solar panels
  • Customer service – Our Friendly staff to help you every step of the process

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